Hall of Fame

Hall of Fame

"From the mingled strength of shade and light A new creation rises to my sight, Such heavenly figures from his pencil flow,
So warm with light his blended colors glow. The glowing portraits, fresh from life,
that bring Home to our hearts the truth from which they spring."

~Lord Byron (George Gordon Noel Byron)

The Vertis Corporation selected The Seventh Wave to represent their 2003 calendar.

I told was by The United States Coast Guard that they were getting into NASCAR racing and I was thrilled for the commission to paint The Shield of Freedom Dodge.

Justin Labonte, received the winning trophy, driving the U. S. Coast Guard Number 44. He earned a spot in Victory Lane during the Tropicana Twister 300 at Chicagoland Speedway on July 10, 2004. The win was Justin's first as a driver for the Coast Guard in the NASCAR Busch Series. This painting is part of the Coast Guard Art Program.

A Coast Guard cutter rescues Haitians packed aboard a makeshift boat with a rusting body and mast crudely fashioned from a chopped tree.

The passengers are young and old alike, draped over the sides, their arms outstretched. "I wanted the painting to state that these helpless people were adrift. Where this group of rag tag people ended up is unknown: my painting only heralds the rescue."

11 X 14 oil, Premier Collection of the Coast Guard